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Originally Posted by Fantasticfordme View Post
Big Daddy a serious question for you. I see your response here and the Newbie thread you started, and I agree with you that middle men and Nationals will take take take, and you have to chase your pay. My question is how do you combat the hesitancy to change that the banks or whoever you go to for direct work have? I have several good relationships with various property management companies, banks etc. And I have a great work portfolio, history, pictures, recommendations and so on. I generally hear "well Stan has been doing our properties for years.." Or they just go with low bidders as an example $180 a month to maintain an Office Depot property 20 dollar lawn cuts on 10-15k sq.ft properties etc..who does that? how do they live on that? Anyways I tend to agree with you, but it is all a bit frustrating. Thanks!!
First of all, a property management company is a middleman.
As far as them telling you they have someone else, I have explained this numerous times. When you have a good paying client and you do an outstanding job every time, there is no reason for them to look elsewhere and no reason for you to quit them.
Once a good relationship is built it can go on faithfully for decades.
I think that's what confuses allot of people here, they inquire about getting work and are told they don't have a need for them, others will straight up lie and say they use national companies just so they don't have to deal with 100's of people hounding them for work when they have a great contractor already.
I have been around for a long time, and the fact that I am a general contractor who can handle ANY job and get it done on time, on budget and with professional results means they call me first.
I wasn't always the main guy, I told people to use me for 2nd bids if they already had someone else. Once you get your foot into any door, do the best job you can possibly do and your work will speak for itself. This business is like any other contracting business.
There are always fresh REO agents popping up everyday. Today's newbie agent might be next years top broker!
Others are crying about not having enough houses because they are in a smaller market, nothing you can really do about that.
I can say however, it doesn't take allot of direct work to make money.
Why cut 100 lawns for $15 when you can cut when you can cut 10 for $150 each??
Why do 100 winterizations for $65 when you can charge $375 and make more money doing 18?
I live in a great area a far as volume goes but I'm not the only game in town either. There are at least 10 guys like me in my area that I know of. Sometimes we compete for the same jobs, but we mostly deal with different clients and all make money.
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