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I believe in diversification, and weeding the business. We do REO work (Mostly local/direct/ contacts), and process service. We regularly sit down and discuss how each client is working out, and if there are any changes that need to be made as far as dropping them, or adding new ones. We also have 2 guys who do Hotel Readerboard Services. One part of the business can take a hit, and we will still be afloat. Every team member is also cross-trained in each facet of the business, so when vacations or sick time comes in to play, we can have it all covered.

I'm sure that most of the veterans on here will talk about the networking, finding the direct contact, pavement pounding, and persistence - and that is great business advice. I took the unconventional side-step and made sure that one part would not derail my business. I grafted branches to my main tree and now have a multi-fruit tree at my disposal, so I always have fruit to get paid from. This is not typical of most businesses in this industry, but it worked for me.
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