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Climate change, previously known as global warming

Just wondering if anyone is really buying this crap. I heard today that climate change is now a 1.5 TRILLION dollar industry, most of it funded by the taxpayer, you and me. Well, now I'm pissed.

For the record, not only am I a Safeguard dropout, I'm also a high school dropout. As I began to stumble through life without an education, I learned quickly that common sense goes a long long way-don't do stupid and work hard and you'll be just fine.

So, I have a few questions for anyone with more education than myself, which is most of you. I have applied the common sense rule and still can't latch on the "fact" the earth is warming due to man made greenhouse farts.

1. We were told 30 years ago that if we don't drastically change our lifestyle and clean up our emissions, the icecaps will melt and flood New York City. We have made huge and costly changes, the globe still warmed (so they say) and NY didn't flood, so why is there still a crisis?

2. When I look at global temp charts for the last 100 years, there may be a slight steady increase, but when I look at 100 year global fossil fuel usage, there is a slight increase through 1960- and then skyrockets off the chart through 2015. If fossil fuel burning is the cause of global warming, shouldn't we be about cooked by now?

3. Extreme weather events are always blamed on global warming. How then do you explain the Galveston Hurricane 100 years ago? Dust bowl in the 30s? Mother's day "super outbreak" of violent tornadoes in the early 70s.
I could go on and on.

4. If there was an Ice Age 10,000 years ago, what brought the earth out of it? Global warming? YES! Man made? NO!

So, why then are we spending trillions to fix something that doesn't exist? I am so sick of sending my money to Uncle ##!%&**!!! Sam so he can give a multi million dollar grant to some clowns so the can make ethanol out of seaweed and then sell it back to the government at $150 a gallon. And don't get me going on wind turbines. They are ruining the beautiful mid west skylines with thousands of these stupid things. You know it takes 20 years to recoop costs on a turbine-IF there are no problems with it?

Will someone a bit smarter PLEASE fill me in? What am I missing???!!!??
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Not A College Grad

So, I'm not a college grad, but have talked extensively with a biology professor friend of mine, regarding several of the questions you have questions about. I will paraphrase the answers for you:

1) Did you know that the main cause of the global warming and ozone depletion is methane gas? Would you care to guess where that comes from? Yes, farts. Now tell me where the most of the farts come from? If you guessed COWS you'd be right. The freakin cows are causing more of a problem than man themselves.

2) Did you know that the earth goes through cycles of warm and cold periods? Nobody has been able to disprove global warming, but there have been numerous reports about the cycles that go back millions of years.

3) There is no good answer to this other than Mother Nature has her own ways of doing things. This has happened for thousands of years, and that is documented by the human race (The same ones being blamed for all of this).

4) I don't have an answer for that one, other than to see answer #2.

I live in the midwest, and I have to deal with the stupid wind turbines as well. They don't look pretty, but hopefully they will be there when they are needed most (My guess would be on a VERY calm day...). Everyone is looking for angles and answers, and nobody has them all, if any. We live in the land of the Free, and the home of the Brave, and even that doesn't offer an explanation to any of the things that go in in this world. I wish you the best of luck in your fact finding endeavor, and hope that you keep us all in mind when you come across this life-changing information!
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Dropout- wisdom, or common sense, and IQ are completely separate things, otherwise Stephen Hawkins would be both my pastor and the POTUS.
I have many times had discussions with so called intelligent experts and left wondering how someone so smart could be so ignorant.
Even scientists and university think tanks cannot agree on why the sun shines, and no, Einstein never learned how to tie his own shoes.
Yes, weather is cyclical. Thinking we can change climate is akin to thinking we can create it. That is an unsettling road to enter, philosophically speaking.
If we did everything Al Gore told us to do, the ecoindustrial practices in China would still wipe the improvements off the table almost immediately. Mainly in the name of conservationism, there are more trees on the earth now than there have ever been in the world's known history. Another side product of that is....carbon dioxide.
Unfortunately, it seems that if one is told a white horse is black and he questions it, more often than not, rather than explained why the horse is what it is, they are ridiculed as too stupid to know better.
Common sense is really an underrated attribute.
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Thanks for the response guys. I think climate change will wind up being the biggest scam in the history of mankind. If I have this in a tiny nutshell, it sounds like this: Government wants to control every aspect of our lives so they take money from us and award multi million dollar grants to the scientists to prove man made global warming. Now we have a "crisis" and so they give billions to the energy companies (General Electric, Salindra etc.) to take on the problem and find a "solution". Government knows if they control health care and energy consumption they control 90% of your every day activity, so if you think your phone is smart now, wait till you see your gov regulated thermostat in 10 years. Just think of how much control of yourself, your family, your business, you are going to lose!! They will be able to control your energy consumption including driving, heating, cooling, and every appliance in your home. Ad health care control to this and they've got every citizen by the throat.
I know our leaders are not always honest and sometime crooked. This is pure evil.

But I do look forward to the day I can run my mowers on cow farts!
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