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Wow. If I am removing debris that is for me to dispose of, I dispose of it in the most ecologically sound and fiscally responsible way. No one I have ever worked for has asked for more than dump receipts. If it is trash I am removing, and that trash contains valuables, I keep the valuables. Or donate them. Or recycle them.

Whoever told you to go through the trash and abandoned property to determine what was personal property? Then what? Do you try to contact the former resident? What if they are dead? Then what? Do I contact Altisource and say I found a Rolex and I cant get a hold of the family that once lived here and may have owned it?

Sorry. A trash out is a trash out. Keep what you want AFTER a trash out has been issued. If you are removing personal property before a trash out has been issued then that is theft. If it has been determined by the bank owner that the property left on site has been abandoned so be it. That is not your responsibility! Your responsibility is to practice due diligence and follow the guidelines set out by the company issuing the trash out work order. Communicate that there are personals on site. Ask if a personal property notice should be posted. Then get to work!
Best of luck to all!

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