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Originally Posted by maz19 View Post
Stumbled on this conversation and I have to agree with WILDWEST1 the debris is never yours.
Not true.

Originally Posted by maz19 View Post
An approval is a contract to remove and dispose of the debris. It is spelled out in all the nationals contracts.
Amongst other definitions, I read the following in the dictionary:

"de' spoz - verb = To give or transfer to someone else, especially permanently: She disposed of her estate among her heirs"

Originally Posted by maz19 View Post
This is why they all ask the question on the PRC's about GARAGE SALE VALUE.
Value estimation policies employed by service companies are used to help them make a determination between garbage and personal property; typically required at "pre-sale" properties as no one except the previous occupant has a right to remove anything other than garbage/hazards at that point. My home state has a 'Zero Right of Redemption' law. That means that ownership of everything left at a foreclosed property by the previous occupant is forfeited and becomes the sole property of the new owner immediately following the Sheriff's sale. The new owner (typically the Bank) has the right to do whatever they wish with those items at that point. Some states have 'Right of Redemption' laws requiring the new owner to attempt to locate the previous owner for a specified period of time before disposing of the property.

Originally Posted by maz19 View Post
Carefully read your contract and CYA.
Absolutely! And do your due diligence by knowing and understanding the specific laws that apply in each state you're working in.

Iíve already told you more than I know.
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