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Everything you stated is correct except you are not the owner. At the point of foreclosure the bank becomes the owner. You are hired to remove and dispose of the items regardless of condition. You or your company would ONLY become the owner if the the bank assigns you the right as owner. Then you are free to do as you wish. They do not do this. The contract you sign does not even imply that you own anything you remove. You are a carting service you are hired to remove debris from the structure and take it to a dump plain and simple.

What you do in your business is completely up to you but you should always know the laws. The last thing you want to do is lose your business because of a couple bucks from a trash out item.

If you have questions ask the nationals you are contracted by. Alway beware of any one who uses the term Absolutely in their argument because their advice is commonly Absolutely incorrect.
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