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Originally Posted by cleaning3k View Post

I just got on board with SG and they gave me their price sheet and it is WAAAAAYY out-dated!

$30($24) for maid refreash?? Don't forget buy cone air fresheners - which are $1 each - one property took 12 cones!

$24-12 = $12

$12 - $30 labour - $10 supplies - $5 fuel= (-$33profit )

(they take 20-25% of price when they pay out)

$150($120) for initial maid service??

We easily charge $200+ for an initial cleaning!

Its $25 for Grass Re-Cuts

I charge $48 for a small re-cut

Its $75 for iniital cuts

And they want the shrubs trimmed, edging and weed treatment- under the same price!

I easily get $150 for an initial cut!

I talked to my creditialor about the prices and how come they are soooo out-dated?

Her response was that , she has no control over pricing, that is what price they agreed with their clients.
Basically- theres nothing that she can do about prices. And there is NO ONE that I can speak to about prices.

Her other response was - Well, we are going to be sending you a lot of orders.

What she and the Nationals do not realise is that 'staying busy' does NOT equate to PROFIT.

Dont these companies realise that we are getting our own work out here?

They think that we get our Fuel, Repairs, INsurancne , supplies, equipment, labor - FOR FREE!


Needless to say, I requested that she placed our account on Hold, and to re-assign those maid orders to another vendor becasue there is NO WAY my company is sending workers out, in the HEAT, surrounded by bugs, away from their families - for FREE.

I will contenue to do business with my local realtors.
I was able to negotiate higher prices than they offered at SG, but it took some doing, and they are still not as high as other companies are paying, but they fill a void in my routes to help us out.
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