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This happened a month or so ago, just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I've never had issues with police before, no one that works for me has a record or anything and we always have documents. But I took a landscaping work order out of my coverage as a favor since I was guaranteed the trash out and roof repair (lots of debris, and big roof job). We get there do the grass cut, shrubs, trees and as we're loading up 2 sheriff's deputies roll into the property. One of them is livid that we're on the property and thinks we are there to steal everything (even though there is a trailer loaded down with clippings and lawn equipment). She runs the drivers license on everyone at the property, then she even looks up the VIN on my truck, then calls the dealership I bought it from to find out if it's stolen or out for repossession. Even calls the client and has us verified to be there. She goes around looking through the trash pile of a house, I ask one of the other deputies that was hanging around what we did wrong. He says "nothing, this was her parents house, they left to her."
Well we ended up getting escorted out of the county by 2 squad cars. 2 weeks later we get the bid approvals for the roof and trash out. Call the client to remind them about the cops, they guaranteed us the broker and the local police were notified and everything was good to go. Well we get there after removing about 5 trailer loads, the sheriff shows back up in street clothes saying the same crap as last time, few minutes later another sheriff shows up in uniform after she called us in for trespassing and theft. He let us go after checking the work order and calling the client to make sure we were legit.
-Needless to say we permanently declined ever returning to that property. We still got paid, but not worth that headache. Has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them? How did you handle it? Running a squatter out of a house is one thing, but not a lot you can do to a livid uniformed officer who was the previous owner of the house your cleaning out.
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I'd file a report with the Sheriff. A deputy still has a boss they have to report to.
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Maybe let the cop know that just because she had it given to her doesn't mean she isn't responsible for paying what ever mortgage/loan is left on it.
Does she not know it is in foreclosure?

That is harassment and she should be reported. It is one thing for the cops to come out because a neighbor called and was concerned, but another for a cop to come out and harass you just because they own the house.
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Yep. The second time around is the time to get a name and a badge number and then make a call of your own. Unless they are on official duty they are trespassing. When you have your paperwork and phone numbers on hand to confirm you have business there you should have no fears. Contacting their superiors also can prevent future harassment, ie getting pulled over and ticketed after leaving.

I had a crew on a 6 acre property last spring digging out a busted main and replacing a well pump. The foreman had a bright red 2014 F350 with a trailer.
I'm driving down the 1/4 mile drive with my newer 3/4 ton chevy and I see a couple of guys in an empty field about 100 yds over eyeballing me. I do the country wave and keep going. 20 minutes later two local cops and a county pull in. Knowing the drill I just walk up to the first car with my license in hand and phone numbers for the listing agent and the lender. Two of the officers are aok. The county guy wanted to practice a chapter he just read from his secret squirrel subscription on how to catch law abiding citizens in a lie. The guys in the field called 911 and said 6 middle aged white guys were digging holes in the yard of a modular home and must be stealing the copper (I mus have been trying to mine it in it's purest form). Having my info and work order and being upfront took all of 10 minutes and they were on their way.
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I have 2 stories.. 1. I was in a house taking photos front door was screwed shut cause it was kicked in so many times.. me and my other guy were doing walk threw b4 trash out, next thing i know i hear "stomp stompstomp" door gets kicked in we were standing in the living room when they did this, they got in and pulled there guns out ordered us to the ground, women cop jabs gun into my back and neck, my employee gets kneed in the back with hand cuffs.. we were lead outside in cuffs pushed up against my truck and trailer and asking do i know what i did wrong..

Um No how would i, The neighbor called saying they saw us breaking into the home and saw a gun? the cops searching my pants my truck and tearing up the inside of the house to see if i hid a gun?

neighbor said he held it in his hand and was pointing it at me etc.. I told the cop i never even seen her and is she talking about my Rigid drill to drill out the lock? the women changed her story after 1 hour of asking the color.. " well I think it was orange" cops un cuffed us let us out of the back of the car and left.. No sorry, no anything.. I was left with a torn shirt, swollen black and blue wrist, and my employee went home cause of a neck pain.. Stupid noisy neighbors I downloaded the 911 call and the women made it sound like i was a mad man with a semi auto going threw the area pointing guns at people and choose a random house to break into to do DRUGS>>>> her frantic voice only made it worst thus 6 cops were there...i have another 1 but that 1 is long also... the fear you get having a gun in your back while pushed to the floor is overwhelming and one of the most scary things i have ever happen to me.. the grenalin i had shook my hands for hours...
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Great thread! Eazyday, I know what you mean by adrenaline rush. Not exactly at a property but we were on our way to a job, 2 trucks, 4 lane divided highway, nowheresville mid west. Guy in the front vehicle called said he forgot to grab a Mt Dew at the gas station so could we stop at the next small town. I said hang on
I've got an extra I'll pull up next to you and hand it out the cars in sight except us. The transfer went perfectly until 4 miles down the road we were met with a 6 squad car road block on our side of the highway and 2 squads across the median with assault rifles ready. Oh crap! We didn't get roughed up but were ordered out and down at gunpoint. Gees, can I just pay the traffic ticket please? After 5 minutes, "OK officer, can I ask what this is all about?" He said someone called 911 and reported two trucks driving side by side with guys hanging out the windows and trading gunfire. Seriously?
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A few years ago I was at a property to do a lock change and a winterization. I drilled out the lock, took my pics and was on my way out because the property had no main water shut off, so I had to wait for the town to shut it off at the curb. I am in the kitchen finishing up taking pictures with my drill in my other hand and I see 3 cop cars pull up. I continue taking pictures as I walk towards the door to leave and 5 officers stop me with guns drawn. They proceed to put me in cuffs and leave me in them for 30 min while they call it in to see if I legitimately belong there. They took the keys out of my truck (I always leave them in the ignition when I'm parked in the driveway of a nice neighborhood), and looked around my truck before even getting to me. At the end the let me go, and told me next time I work in that town I should call the station, let them know where I will be and fax them a copy of the work order to avoid future issues. I'm kind of a big guy and I can't cross my wrists behind my back. So my shoulders were in pain for 3 days and they refused to loosen the cuffs or cuff me in front until they figured everything out. It was a scary experience as I have never even held a gun before, now I had 5 shoved in my face.
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This is what most everyone who serviced bank owned property already knows, but...

Park your vehicles in highly visible areas.
Using a truck lettered with your business always decreases the 911 calls.
Dress like you have a mortgage and a bank account. Even this time of year I try to wear long pants, a polo, a solid colored hat and decent shoes. Look like you might belong.
A camera around your neck, even if you don't use it, helps in certain neighborhoods.
Spend enough time outside clicking photos and making yourself visible to give folks the time to figure out you might be there with good reason. A notebook or clipboard also go a long way, even if they are only props.
Carry information on the listing agent, the lender or client responsible for sending you there and either their work order or your own.

You might get a visit from the law or a neighbor if you(no offense to anyone) -
Show up in a crap truck.
Look like you live check to check
Wife beaters, dirty shorts, flip flops,etc.
Have a habit of walking from the house to your truck with items from the property.
Are not equipped or able to open a locked door that is visible to others without using your foot or shoulder.
Arrive at dusk or later, on Saturday and especially Sunday.
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Another good idea is to carry a handheld police scanner. it will give you a little warning.
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We were doing some work on a house one time, we had our fully lettered 16' box truck in the driveway and the front door was open. Me and my worker walk out to get something out of the truck and there are 4 police cars from the town and a Lt. from the next town.
Turns out the house belonged to his ex father in law so he really did care, he just showed up because they called him. But the other cops said that a neighbor thought we looked suspicious. lol I showed them the work order and we all had a good laugh. Especially when the neighbor came over and asked right in front of me if they were arresting us.
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