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Originally Posted by JenkinsHB
Note to all regional field service companies looking to recruit our company:

1. Do not call from an unlisted or private number.
2. Have your price list readily available for my review.
3. Do not ask me to go out of my area under promises of future work volume.
4. Be forthcoming with who your clients are; we are well aware of who we like to work for and who we don't.
5. Do not ask for other contractors' names in the area after I tell you your prices are too low.
6. If your website doesn't have your physical address and a phone number on it, I will not work for you.
7. If you do not have a website, I will not work for you.
8. Tell the truth on how long it will take to be paid. I'm not your credit line.
9. And seriously, if you are already trying to bully me on the phone the first time we talk, don't bother.

I'm sure there's more.

Starting with #9 some of those describe Homeland Field Services very well.

F-ers lied to me from the very first phone call. I guess all they want to work for them is unskilled FNGs because thats how they treat them and thats how they pay. If they pay at all.
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