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Originally Posted by JFMURFY
We'll if you misreport a property issue, or neglect to inform them of potential damage, an it happens... we'll my friend... you as a professional contractor in this industry are liable. It's all in the PCR (property Condition Report), many firms want completed when you do any to of services at a property, and here in lies the issue I have with many of fly-by night Nationals... send you to a property to say give them a bid wintz a wet radiant heat system (3 Points)...they don't pay for the bid, but expect you to give them a dam history on the property in the 10 minutes your there looking at what they bid for... I skip they crap an explain we looked at what you wanted us too bid, and any issues beyond that are not of our making or concern... then tuck-in fine print disclaimer
Nice to see another CT contractor-JF im sure you know by now it is not worth working for any national here in CT-put any nationals price list side by side with HUD P&P cost schedule and you will see a huge difference-
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