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Originally Posted by mtmtnman View Post
LOL!!! Bald guy wearing those must look like a fly!!! I just wear cheap hardware store sunglasses. Have done the same for 20 years. Used to trim my old mans resort for 8+ hours straight. Looked like a green monster when i was done but never had an issue. A lot of it has to do with how you direct the head. I don't think i could stand ski googles like that when it's hot out........

A lot of the problem is that on these small city lawns you need to do most of the lawn going clockwise rather then counter clockwise (in order to keep from blowing the clippings onto the road/sidewalk/driveway) and this means that every time you turn you drive through your own dust cloud.

Honestly I'd rather look like a bug then keep having to rinse all this crap out of my eyes every night.
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