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Originally Posted by mtmtnman View Post
LOL!!! Bald guy wearing those must look like a fly!!! I just wear cheap hardware store sunglasses. Have done the same for 20 years. Used to trim my old mans resort for 8+ hours straight. Looked like a green monster when i was done but never had an issue. A lot of it has to do with how you direct the head. I don't think i could stand ski googles like that when it's hot out........

You're a fine guy to talk.

Besides I wear a hat to avoid burning the chrome.

They do more good for dust than the clippings. If Im just trimming I don't worry about the goggles. Just use shades, but mowing in a dust bowl like truck stops become in the summer....... I wear the goggles and a mask if its bad enough.
Laugh away, the crud isn't in my eyes or nose. Thats all that matters.

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