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Question Hazardous Waste/Removal

Hello all! I'm glad to finally have a place to share ideas with other vendors.

So, I was approved recently to remove some raw food and hazardous waste (diapers and nasty toilet) a few weeks ago and ran into a lots of rat/mouse droppings and odors. This house was horrible! However, upon removing said hazards, I realized after spending about 1 hour in this house, that it is highly unsafe to be in this house. I had a mask and gloves on, but needed something more like a hazmat suit!

In the future, how should I proceed with informing/bidding the preserve co. that in order to complete work, I will need much more safety gear which is part of the pricing (can't be losing money, here). Also, some places need a hazmat company to come in to handle the job. How do I do this and still get it approved and not lose the property altogether?

I hate losing properties because of health reasons...
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