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1) Be careful if you ask employees to wear tight-fitting respirators, as you need to be aware of OSHA's requirements for a respiratory protection program.

2) Asbestos is more common than many people think,as it was used in materials as common as drywall mud up until the middle to late 1980s. The other most common materials which may contain asbetsos are stucco, sheet vinyl flooring, acoustic ceiling texture, HVAC ducts, vinyl floor tile, flooring, mirror, and other mastics, window putty, plastic roof cement, asbstos-cement flue pipes, and roofing felt. There are many others.

3) If you work on houses built before 1978, you need to get up to speed on EPA and OSHA lead regulations. Does RRP ring any bells? If not you could be crusing for a brusing - a painting company was just hit with an almost $4,000,000 fine just for paperwork violations!
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