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Originally Posted by Contractor Services View Post
I know this is a long shot but if we could get everyone (at least the ones that matter) to use this Fannie Mae pricing - 25% for the National cut the world would be a better place for us. Comments, Questions??

I know this will probably not happen but you can't blame me for trying to help our contractor community and bring some standardization to the industry.
This is something that "Regulation" would do...opps there is that nasty "R" word that no one wants to hear....
I have been beating this..."standard minimum" fee concept for three years now...every time I bring it up coupled with regulation I get blasted with comments like..."what you want" "if you had your way" etc....
Sorry folks but you really need to start wrapping your head around regulation and getting in front of it and not putting your heads in the sand...
There is a buttload of tax revenue that is untapped in this industry and the powers to be are going to come for it...

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