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Hello, we are looking for contractors in the general Phoenix/East Valley area as well the Flagstaff that are familiar with REO requirements.

We are going to be taking on a considerable amount of additional properties and current have a mix of hourly and subcontractors.

The pricing is listed below and I'm sure will cause negative comments, but it is what it is. If you are not interested please don't post.

If you're interested in additional information please email [email protected] with any questions/concerns, also include current REO history.

This is a 1099 position with WEEKLY pay (with in 7 days of completion)

Lock Changes $38.25 1st door - includes knoblock and deadbolt
Additional Lock Changes $22.25 each add'l door - includes knob locks,
deadbolts, padlocks
Lockbox $20.00 invoiced flat/no disc
Slide bolts/Slider Lock $12.50
Boarding 1/2 inch $0.38 /UI
Dry Winterization/dewinterization $63.75 includes pressure test
Dry Wint/dewint - add'l unit $28.75 includes pressure test
Pressure test only $32.00 Only if damages prevent further
winterization tasks
Initial Maid Service "$91.50
$47.75/additional unit"
Auto Removal $75.00
Install Smoke Detector (each) $12.50 For clients where we
automatically install smoke detectors, Vendors must install one battery
operated smoke detector on each level of the house.
Install CO Detector (each) $25.50 Fannie Mae
Cap Initial Water Line $12.50 By Request Only
Cap Additional Water Line $7.00 By Request Only

Task Comments
Trashout (by the Cubic Yard) $21.00 Includes initial trashout and
subsequent debris removal
Appliance Removal $21 Remove within the CYD price
Non-Hazardous Paint 21.00 Latex and Acrylic based paint and stain are
not considered hazardous waste. Remove within the CYD price
Hazardous Paint "Paid per your receipt plus 10%

" "Only paints containing lead, mercury or oil are considered hazardous

For payment, update/invoice must include:
- dump receipt documentation that is unique and solely for the property in
which the hazardous paint was removed.
- photo documentation must be a single photo of hazardous paint in one
- invoiced flat/no disc.
Oil $5/gallon after 5 gallons The first 5 gallons are to be removed by
the CYD price.
Tires $5/tire after 5 tires The first 5 tires are to be removed by the
CYD price.
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