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Originally Posted by handlethework View Post
How is it possible to test the electrical system without back feeding? you would need a really large generator in order to test anyway wouldn't you? what have others out there told Sentinel in response to this requirement?and what has been their response?
Welcome to the forum. Try and post an intro, you might be better recognized if you do so. As far as Sentinel goes, good luck with that one. you will go broke working for those prices. As far as the HPIR/backfeeding, use the search function here. This has been discussed indepth.

Short answer, the liability isn't worth it. Tell your insurance agent what you're about to do and see how fast they will drop your azz. But to answer your original question, quote NEC where it states backfeeding is illegal without a permanently installed transfer switch. If you don't know what that is, may god help you.........

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