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Originally Posted by PropPresPro View Post
Worked on an industrial construction project where the head electrician was an electrical professor from the University of Oregon. When one of his guys was sent to the hospital for a couple of months after grounding out 480 volts with his screwdriver because someone told him the breaker was shut off, I was drafted onto the crew to help out with some low voltage stuff.

My first lesson from the professor -- "When it comes to electricity, never trust anyone, not even God!"
Senior year, last semester of college for my bachelors degree in electrical engineering.

The class was PLC programming, and we were working with 240V. The prof said "I know there is at least one of you in here that is curious what a shock at this voltage feels like." He tapped the back of his hand and took the shock in front of the class. One of the craziest things I've ever seen. I had and have since been shocked numerous times with 120V. Never with 240V. The prof was right, I know I was curious as hell. After that, I have no curiosity and do NOT want to experience it.

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