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Berghorst Enterprises Closes Doors

Well they have faced the inevitable. Berghorst Enterprises also doing business as Heritage Home Solutions has closed its doors. Vendors were sent an email on Thursday stating because they lost Altisource as their one and only client, they are forced to shut it's doors-effective immediatey. No updates on pay etc! I sure hope with being on the board of directors and Secretary of NAMFS they pay the vendors they are owed.....

See below for email:

Dear Vendors

We have been informed that Altisource will no longer be utilizing our services. They have not provided a reason even after repeated requests. We are in shock, as well as, Iím sure you are.

As Altisource was our only client, this leaves us with no business going forward; therefore, we regretfully have made the decision to close both Heritage Home Solutions LLC and Berghorst Enterprises, LLC, effective immediately.

Please discontinue any work being performed on Altisource properties and turn in what you have completed by midnight tonight.

Thank you,

Heather Berghorst
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