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I'd tell the client to _____ in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.

The price for install is X, it doesn't matter what you WANT to pay for them.

Or tell them to mail you a couple units and when they arrive you'll be happy to install them for $29.
The reason clients have gotten so low is that the hacks take what ever is thrown at them and roll with it.
No body has stood up for themselves when the banks and nats have cut the prices.

If you think about it the prices going down is insane......... inflation has drove every thing UP the last few years and yet the pay for work performed and for installing things like C O detectors has gone down.

Professionals are people who can do their job when they don't feel like it.
Amateurs are people that can't do their job even when they do feel like it.
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