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General Property Discussion

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  1. Your opinion on the following sceniaro.
  2. Pk management...
  3. Outsourcing Order Processing
  4. Looking to talk with vendors from AZ, CA,WA& ID
  5. Sorry Mr. Regional....My company can`t perform your work at this pricing....
  6. Meet and greet in reno nevada
  7. FMAC Pricing
  8. What Program to Use?
  9. What the H*LL is "Standardized Pricing"
  10. Property Masters REO?
  11. New REO/ P&P leads for Arizona, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, and Colorado
  12. Southeastern Asset Services
  13. rummer mill
  14. Confirmation about FAS
  15. A Comedy of of the Absurd
  16. Msi?
  17. Chase put LPS on hold for poor performance
  18. Per new fha boarding requirements
  19. Holy Crap.....................
  20. Return to property!!!
  21. Any AMS vendor here that cover Washtenaw County?
  22. New P&P Leads for WA, & TX
  23. Good Choice
  24. CL AD***** Conduct Property Inspections Part Time
  25. Check out these prices...
  26. I really miss FAS and Grass Plus!!!
  27. Winter Watchmen?????
  28. AMS is Pissing Me Off
  29. DHS Hurricane Sandy-related Procurement Opportunities
  30. This Trick is the best so far
  31. Lead for las vegas nv contractors
  32. well that's finally over
  33. Pricing question
  34. Advice on selling my company
  35. FHA to Suspend Foreclosures in Areas Affected by Sandy
  36. 5 bros What to expect?
  37. QCing Contractors?
  38. Bac / safeguard
  39. A Lil advice needed
  40. If You Could Give Advice To Someone Starting Out, What Would You Tell Them...
  41. Average Order????
  42. Finding hurricane relief work
  43. Smoke Detectors.............
  44. Advice on Inspections
  45. Has anyone done work with ARC Preservation Services....
  46. ZVN experience?
  47. jerseyZ
  48. Info about National
  49. Winterizations - Laziness?
  50. love these prices
  51. What do you think of these prices?
  52. Got a new trailer trade offer! Pics
  53. How do most companies have you bill?
  54. Contractor cost cheat sheet to share???????/
  55. Frankenstorm Riches?
  56. I'm pretty sure servicing companies flat out LIE to the banks......
  57. Need some advice
  58. New National Preservation Company
  59. October: In the News
  60. Ok, I did a search first...
  61. Your perfect W/O Management System?
  62. National Make Ready Services
  63. Anyone see a problem winterizing and leaving heat on here????
  64. What tips or tricks have you found to speed up or make your job easier?
  65. How or Why did you get into this business?
  66. Scumbag Contractors
  67. Property Preservation Crew Member
  68. Guess I am not an independent anymore
  69. OK, I am going to give Safeguard a try!
  70. Trading for a 4ft x 12 ft trailer tomorrow.
  71. Why do so many contractors whine constantly?
  72. Sentineld Field Services Wins HUD Contract
  73. Experienced HUD Property Preservation Vendors Needed
  74. PK Management subbing Safeguard REO work......
  75. slow to busy to slow
  76. BAC work completed by others.....
  77. Any takers???
  78. What's the most interesting / most expensive item you've found in a trash-out?
  79. Some Noobie Questions
  80. New broom swept rules...............
  81. LPS fiasco lawyers are getting involved
  82. Found these albums...they worth anything?
  83. Independant Contractor - legality of dictating bids?
  84. Mapping / Routing software
  85. Winterizing with a fire sprinkler???
  86. Padlocking garage doors on an REO??
  87. It has hit a new low
  88. Filling in pool?
  89. Another fraud case
  90. I'm a newbie
  91. US Best Repair?- GOOD/ BAD??
  92. 3 point preservation
  93. Five Bros-HUD Connection
  94. TapaTalk Now Enabled
  95. Anyone heard of these guys?
  96. The bank want's it removed my AXX!!!
  97. Anybody located in San Diego/Santa Anna Area
  98. I dont like this new site
  99. Chase Doorhanger Scam???
  100. Workload Thoughts?? After Election??
  101. Reo trashout crews needed!!!
  102. Another story
  103. Local Brokers
  104. Property Preservation REO Contractors NEEDED- current need- OH and PA
  105. insurance
  106. New Leads
  107. Napa
  108. Rotflmao here!!!!!
  109. Fairy rainbow happy sunshine preservation!!!
  110. First Preston......
  111. Hmbi
  112. Based on exprience, who are the top 5 Nationals to work for?
  113. Is FAS on there way out?
  114. Winterization on extremely damaged house
  115. PK Management Group Inc
  116. Helping Newbies
  117. Ppo vs reo
  118. They must be really nuts
  119. Tasty freezer treats.
  120. Anyone want to bid a roof????
  121. Safeguards idea of a railing.....
  122. great dehumidifier deal
  123. great dehumidifier deal
  124. ***Can hot water heater be shake?***
  125. Property Preservation
  126. CL Ads
  127. LOL!! Must use push mower, CANNOT use rider...........
  128. This job doesn't pay enough
  129. Miken Construction
  130. Estimating Validity
  131. MCS Pricing?
  132. [email protected]@king to buy extra Trailers
  133. Anyone heard of NCCI?
  134. Ams reo shafting on safety hazards???
  135. Getting work from brokers/realtors
  136. What should I do? How would you run it?
  137. Ipg
  138. Fannie Debris
  139. No Sense of Urgency out there anymore
  140. Please Read: Property Preservation topic moving to
  141. How bout some grass cuts???
  142. OSHA Confined Space Training.......
  143. coast 2 coast lawn care
  144. AMS Michigan
  145. 5 o
  146. Are there such a thing as blue antifreeze for Wint?
  147. Call from SIte
  148. Bah hum bug
  149. 5 Bros. gettind desperate............
  150. Property Preservation
  151. NAMFS attendee list. Who is going.
  152. This will make you want to walk away from Trashouts.......
  153. Looking for reo crews for il and mo
  154. Due dates
  155. property Preservation
  156. Worthless winterizing.......
  157. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
  158. Cat Condo
  159. United Field Serivces
  160. No way this can be done
  161. A friendly e-mail to Good Choice Preservation
  162. Who can you trust
  163. Taking your skills to make a living
  164. Wells Fargo contractor screws up
  165. Vacuums
  166. Fng
  167. MSI now getting VA REO's??
  168. Buczek McCaffery Imperial
  169. Part II
  170. Anm ?
  171. Looking for IL contractors
  172. Best Companies To Work For
  173. dehumidifiers?
  174. Quickbooks Online modules
  175. Never ending rules changes.....
  176. Employee Pay Schedule
  177. Anyone Looking for Work in the following states ME, MA, CT, NH, VT, RI, NY
  178. Safeguard REO grass subs LMAO!!
  179. 5 Brothers
  180. Winterization season
  181. More new rules...................
  182. Wolverine Real Estate- Any opinions/ comments??
  183. It's getting to the point that a video would be less time consuming.....
  184. Attic pics now????
  185. First Work Order from Phone Conversation Today
  186. Companies that are looking Contractors
  187. Does anyone use checklists?
  188. E&O Insurance
  189. WOW!!! This is SOOOOO Funny:)!
  190. FAS is done for
  191. Here is one, property pres contractor, read the bottom no experience required.
  192. industry
  193. BLM REO- Hud Work?
  194. Mcs
  195. Isn
  196. Dehumidifiers pay
  197. Is P&P Work Really Worth The Risk?
  198. Free Fact Sheet: NESHAP Regulations Made Simple
  199. Man buys 672 homes for $7500 ea..........
  200. Safeguard grass subs...............
  201. Stanley Steamer into property preservation............
  202. Has any worked with South Central Mortgage Field Services?
  203. OK Painters...................
  204. Found an interesting article ....
  205. Vendor Manager/ Processor
  206. Do you Safeguard folks work around the clock???
  207. Anyone have experience with Asterick Services LLC, out of Ohio?
  208. Fannie Sam's Work.............
  209. Do I Really wanna Do This???
  210. HUD work Pricing
  211. $0.13 inspections
  212. Padlocking gates
  213. Soon to be new work truck
  214. Mold
  215. Has Anyone heard of Foreclosure Specialists out of Youngstown,Ohio?
  216. Me again... Is there a cheatlist for...
  217. Newbies trying to be a business owner.
  218. 3Point Lender Services
  219. new to the game
  220. Slow time of year??
  221. New Start-up, any advise from the PRO's?
  222. Potential Class Action Against FAS?
  223. LAMCO is 90 days PLUS out to PAY
  224. PAS is going down the same path as FAS
  225. Hi All, I am a stalker of the threads & figured I'd introduce myself
  226. Im Alan Jaffa....who gets the broom..
  227. Safeguard purchases B of A field services.
  228. safeguard buys boa field assest
  229. buczek
  230. White Van Real Estate Services out of Cali
  231. Tree trimming and removing
  232. Subcontractors
  233. Initial Service Order under HUD Guidelines
  234. Sodablasting Texas Limestone
  235. Eviction Frustrations
  236. Mass E-mail Marketing
  237. Safeguard taking over AMS work here.....
  238. flag craiglist ads
  239. Anyone Work With SCVMS?
  240. working for REO Brokers
  241. Roofing Question
  242. Question for cyprexx vendors
  243. reo and p+p contractor that pays weekly ?
  244. Cwis-LLC?
  245. A2Z Field Services?
  246. The countdown HAS begun...
  247. Another good laugh!
  248. AZ REO Work
  249. Low baller offers
  250. Fas