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A day in the life of a repo servicer

I get a panicked call from a realtor trying to close a deal on a property that needs some small items bid on it. Done go to property and bid Items . I return key and 2 miles away from their office I get a call you didn’t pick up your check. It wasn’t ready ( I had already spent 30 minutes waiting for it) I thought SO I turn back around and pick it up. It was on the payables persons desk !

I get another call from a different realtor who I had to take to court and they want a bid on trash out lawn ETC. I put on the bid “Will deal with asset manager ONLY and if after 30 days bill is not paid I WILL LEIN THE PROPERTY”. Needless to say I have a better chance of getting an elephant to go through the eye of a needle than getting this bid . This Realtor I had to take to court after 18 YES 18 MONTHS.

I get home and from a national I had a bid denied I call and they say that there was another bid submitted for 1/3 of t he work but comparing the 2 bids the second one was substantially higher ! WTH

Its close to Friday and I am thinking on a local level its margarita day !!
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