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Altisource - REO Preservation - PRICE LIST

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Hello, I am thinking of beginning work for Altisource. I got this price list and thought I would share it. I am in Tampa, Florida.

Lock Change/Entry Lock/Securing 40 ________
Lock Box 24.5 ________
Padlock 15 ________
Slide Bolt 10 ________
Bracing Wood 10 ________
Bracing Metal 15 ________
Secure Swimming Pool Open Price
Sliding Door Secure/Slider Lock 10 ________
Window Lock 10 ________
Strap Door 10 ________
Patio Door 10 ________
Dead Bolt 40 ________
Boarding Small Opening 30 ________
Boarding Medium Opening 40 ________
Boarding Large Opening 45 ________
Boarding Sliding Glass or Double Door 75 ________
Boarding Single Car Garage Door 125 ________
Boarding Double Car Garage Door 175 ________
Boarding (over 112 square feet) Open Price
Security Door with hinges & padlock/hasp 75 ________
Boarding Large Front Door 45 ________
Board Pool Open Price
Dry Winterization 70 ________
Radiant Winterization 110 ________
Steam Winterization 75 ________
Replacing Sump Pump Open Price
Winterization Re-check 20 ________
Wet Winterization 250 ________
Cleaning & Trash Out
Janitorial Services Open Price
Automobile Removal 120 ________
Debris Removal Open Price
Hazard Removal Open Price
Tire disposal Open Price
Mold Removal Open Price
Fence Removal Open price
Appliances Open price
Yard Maintenance
Initial Grass Cut – Less than 5,000 Square Feet 75 ________
Initial Grass Cut – 5,000-9,999 Square Feet 75 ________
Initial Grass Cut – 10,000-14,999 Square Feet 85 ________
Initial Grass Cut – Over 15,000 Square Feet Open Price
Re-Cut – Less than 5,000 Square Feet 40 ________
Re-Cut – 5,000-9,999 Square Feet 45 ________
Re-Cut – 10,000-14,999 Square Feet 50 ________
Re-Cut – Over 15,000 Square Feet 55 ________
Snow Removal Open Price
Tree or Shrub Trimming Open Price
Dead Tree Removal Open Price
Weed Removal Open Price
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Well, there are other companies out there.
Altisource in Florida

I am a contractor in Tallahassee, Fl thinking about working with Altisource. Would love input from any contractors who have dealt with them--good or bad.
Signed up with them and then got the price sheet. Not only did I not work for them. But I can tell you that the one time I called them for a question the person didn't even speak English. Not for anything but you could find a better company.

I signed with them in February and just recieved my fisrt orders this week. The reason I joined this site was to find out about them. I know they're based in India and a lot of realtors are upset with them. Whenever I call with a question, it's hard to get a clear answer because of the language difference.
नामक अपना क्रेता सावधान होना है । मॅँ उनसे दूर रहना हर कीमत । इसका एक उपहासात्मक रचना हो सकती है कि एक भारतीय कंपनी या ने हमारे संपत्तियों को संभालने धरते थे-जैसे

Thats my thoughts! Get your translator out and be able to put back into english:whistling:eek:
Signed up with them like six months ago. Never did any work for them because of the communication issues. They called me yesterday.

"Bluye asant du wejad inspections? Iz flar infurancch djcompany." No thank you.

Then they sent me a price sheet. 7 dollars to inspect an occupied or 8 to do a non occupied. Drive there, photograph, report, invoice. $7.00 dollars. I think I could pick up the much in cans if I didn't have to pay for the gas in the same amount of time it would take me. All inspection requests to be completed in two days of course.
You nailed it Freemont.
MChoice1 said:
I am a contractor in Tallahassee, Fl thinking about working with Altisource. Would love input from any contractors who have dealt with them--good or bad.
Did you ever do any work for them? They called me today about work.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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