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Another good laugh!

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Great Craigslist ad I found here in MI for inspections. Sad part is some FNG on here will read this and race to sign up to make some easy money. Enjoy

Field Inspector

Actively seeking Sub Contractors for Full-Time or Part-Time positions to complete Occupancy and Property inspections on residential properties. Responsibilities will include driving to the properties, performing inspections, take required photos and complete report before leaving the property.

- No experience necessary.
- Must have reliable vehicle available on a daily basis, computer, internet, digital camera, cell phone, GPS or mapping software. Smart phone or tablet may be used.
- Willing to work in rural territories and drive on dirt roads.
- Willing and able to walk properties to check utilities and confirm properties are secure.
- Vehicle with good gas mileage is helpful. May have to drive up to 100 miles in a day.
- Ability to follow directions, work independently and make decisions out in the field. Good time management a must!
- Work with and meet deadlines.
- Strong communication and organizational skills, professional demeanor.
- Thoroughly understand all client quality requirements and processes. Be able to meet those requirements.
- Job duties may include delivering a letter to the occupant, speaking with occupant and/ or neighbors to verify occupancy.
- Download work orders from computer and upload completed results and photos.
- As an independent contractor you will earn between $3.50 and $12.00 per stop depending on the type of inspection.
- Opportunity for growth as the company grows.
- Expected to communicate with office staff regarding work assigned and give updates on work order status'.
- Compensation is per order. Volume may fluctuate month to month with highest volume being from the 20th of a month until the end of that month.

MUST HAVE ALL! Please send resume to the above email address. No Phones call will be accepted!

IMPORTANT! Make sure you type Property Inspections - Kalamazoo in Subject box
Location: Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties
Compensation: Compensation: Compensation: Commission income based on volume, completed work an
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
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Thanks man I better get my resume updated. :thumbup:
Drive 100 miles to make $12 on a stop. Where do I sign up? I pay for fuel too right?

HollandPPC said:
- Willing to work in rural territories and drive on dirt roads.
Had a sub one time that had never driven downs dirt road. Came out from Denver and was amazed by it, at 30 mph. Couldn't believe how close the cows were to the road.

Wow, get out much?
I usually flag such spammers when I see them.

After flagging homeland a lot I don't see them in my area advertising much.
They are a sad bunch of liars to work for.
I was at a friend of mines auto and truck repair shop earlier shootin the :eek: and for some odd reason we started to talk about money. It got me to thinking.... Does FAS, SG, Bros, Fannie Mae and everybody else we deal with on a daily basis go to get a motor put in a car and TELL them they can't pay 65 or 85 or $100 an hour but if they can accept $15 an hour they will bring the rest of their cars for them to work on??? I have more money in equipment and tools than he does I have a shop we work out of, pay a billion times more than he does in fuel and have more insurance yet for some reason these morons with the nationals act like you are trying to pull a fast one when you expect to get paid even half way decent for busting your :eek: This business has gone so far down the tubes its really not even close to funny at this point. This was and still should be a way for TRUE contractors to make a TRUE living and be proud of what they do and PROUD of what they bring home for cleaning up after some of these D BAGS!
Sorry for the rant but I have had so many RIDICULOUS companies trying to contact me lately that I needed to vent.
I have been getting my flooring business back off the ground again but hoped to keep a sort of preservation department going to keep some of my good workers busy but I just can't tuck my tail that deep! If I continue on I will probably be banned from the site for severe foul language so thats all from my end this evening...
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If a garage swapped out a motor and billed $2500, and then the customer came in to pay and said "The industry standard dictates that the work is valued at $650 and that is what I'm paying you", many shop owners would place their hand around the guys throat and drag him into the parking lot by his neck. Nationals/Regionals have perfected the art of long distance robbery.
My Mechanic would just laugh at you- say "Ok, you need to leave- but without the car."

30-45days later- your hoopty will be on craigslist!
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