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Any advices or mentors for Safeguard Properties.

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Hello Everyone my name is Angelita I go by the name Angie. I am a christian woman and I have the most faith in my heart I can do this by myself.
I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls and I just open a small business, I am a vendor for safeguard and I don't know how I accomplished this dream but I did it by myself. Only issue is I am confused as an updater, I do have people working for me such as labor (which is only 2 people) but I don't know how to read work orders or update or do bids I am lost as puppy. if anyone out there got the courage to help me, explain or teach me I would appreciate every little inch of it there is a reward as well. I am a fast learner, I do listen, I am a little slow when it comes to this company but I am learning please be patient. I went into this industry because I could not survive with my 2 girls working $17.00 an hour, the father of my girls is no longer with us. its just me and my girls and my workers who are my friends from years.

thank you for reading this post I am highly thankful hope I get a respond from any of you who's out there.
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