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any good companys out there

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ok i have been reading this forum for some time. and i was wondering if there is a good property presavation company out there to work for since lately i have been reading on how alot of you have been riped off by some of these companys. i have worked for some and got ripped off too. i would like to get back into this field again to do as a filler or part time basis.
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I have been very happy with Corelogic (Wells Fargo orders mostly with a few others) as there pay has been great in my area...Slow right now but hoping for a huge pick up in March...

Safeguard and CitySide has never burned me but they are my huge volume accounts... Pay per cut sucks but they have a crap load of properties in my area....

BOA can stick it were the sun dont shine.....I HATE dealing with there Initial Secures and hours on the phone to be told not to do anything even though it is an empty house or really trashed and not lived in....

Just my thoughts and experiences.....
can you send me some info on then so i can check them out


I worked for Cityside for 2+ years. As far as pay goes, there pretty decent, until they beat you down. They hold your job hostage and tell you if you don't do a property for this price, they'll cancel other work orders. Getting paid is a chore. There's always a problem somewhere and no one takes ownership of the problem. You will send emails with no response for hours. You make phone calls and no one can give you an answer. You'll set at a property for hours waiting for an answer. Huge waist of time with no pay. I no longer work for them and im happy. I have a few friends still working for them and there looking to leave asap.
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