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winterization advise needed.

So in the time that I have been doing winterizations whenever I have found a property with missing plumbing or obvious problems we do not do the winterization and state why.
Well, I was at a property and 1) there must have been a leak in the 2nd floor bathroom because the ceiling on the first floor completely came down. 2) There was a sink with a missing pipe. So I sent it back and said why we didn't do the work.
Well now I get an order that says missing plumbing is not an excuse for not doing the winterization. Am I wrong because I can see in the future a problem and they blaming me.

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Just keep very very good records. We have a couple clients that say if we cannot complete a full wz then bid. We stopped doing their wz's due to having to bid the plumbing repairs and the wz....they will forget and afraid they will then blame us next spring for not trying to protect the rest of the system.
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