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WOW! what an information bank you guys are. Thank you for all you have posted so far. I have been lurking all morning and have "seen the light!!!"
I am wondering if anyone has experience with Nat'l back charging vendors.
I wish I would have known this was here a year ago!!! I would have never agreed to the pricing I did.
Would also love any advice on how any of you got started working with brokers directly. I want OUT of the Nat'ls!! ASAP
Thanks again.
BTW work in CT.

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We just provided the best service in the area and the realtors came knocking on our door.
I only wish there were about a dozen more as they do pay faster and BETTER.
We also go door to door selling our service now. Plus we do have a website so we can be found.
Also, when you place signage...make it yours, you are the local did the work...say that on the sign....leave your contact information on the sign, that way the contractors have it...That is how it started for us. If you want an example send us an email and I'll send you a copy of ours and you can pattern yours...
If you have time take a marketing class. Also, contact your local SCORE office. They are part of the SBA. You will find them a wealth of information on how to manage your business.
We have a guy that is our "mentor" if you will. His information and assistance has been invaluable....You might also look up Karrass Ltd. This will help you with negotiating. The biggest assist we got here was the following;
...This is OUR coverage area, this is what we need to complete the service you are requesting....
However, we cover areas that no one else covers so that works very well for us...Unfortunitely there are not enough vendors that can do that so fees will keep dropping until regulation steps in or people finally say go f... yourself....
This site is a great resource also.....

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Well I go to church with a few brokers and they saw our work when we did residential stuff.

My best broker to work for I is from Texas and is a huge George Strait fan. I met her at a property I was doing next door. I had a George Strait shirt on. Lol. I told her I'm a fan of working and George strait. She told me if I could play a song on my guitar and if she liked it she would let me work. So, I played the song, "The Chair". Lol. She said it was her and her recently deceased husbands favorite song. He would sing it to her all the time.

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Brokers are finicky.

I've talked to a lot of brokers in my area and passed out A LOT of cards.
MOST of them are near orgasmic when they find out what kind of work I do.
And yet............ 0.0 phone calls from them.

Thats OK now. I have so much lawn care on the books for 2012 that I don't plan on doing bank work after 4/31/12.

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Back charging is common in the industry as the Nationals low bid the work to the banks and as experience has taught me... low bidding work you either A. go out of business, or B. you pass it on to some outfit who will bite at the apple until they go out of business.
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