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Best section to advertise on Craigslist?

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What is the best section to advertise on Craigslist?
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Any where you like. Post multiple categories, change up the wording so CL doesn't think you are trying to spam.

I will say its most likely a huge waste of time.
I got VERY LITTLE to a whole lot of nothing. Good thing its free advertising.
Its pretty much worth about what you pay for it.
And will probably bring in a cheaper client than what I want to work for.
For what?:whistling
Are you selling a saw or something?:whistling Surely you are not thinking about advertising you business with them:no::blink:
Casual Encounters?
I'm The FNG here, but I've been lurking awhile...So let me just say Hi.
I too need some advise here in finding some good help, as in an additional crew to train in. CL has only had adds for PPR and REO contractors from some middle management Co's that pay unworkable rates (50.00 dry wints, ect.)
What have some of you done to find good help?
Are you looking for help to hire or are you looking for work? If you are looking to hire help I have a 50% crew in Blaine and another by Zimmerman that may be looking for more work. Both very experienced in all facets of p&p. Work outside the Cities has been slow!
I found my best company (CoreLogic) from advertising under real estate services in the CL but I know they have a few sections that seem applicable to this kind of work and that is why I asked a question on best section... I am not hiring or selling anything...sorry....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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