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Not sure how many are aware of this but I thought I'd post...My feeling is every state should do this...I have already sent this to our legislature body to see if this is something we can get on the table. I would recomend that everyone do the same....Hazardous material is not debris....

California Vendors FYI

Temporary EPA ID (Hazardous Waste Handler):

This program is relatively new and was implemented under the California Banking Laws to assist those companies charged with the clean-up of foreclosed homes. It only applies to homes owned by a financial institution. This program Contractors to go to the DTSC website ( ) and apply for a temporary permit. The permit allows the handling and hauling of up 100 kilograms (220 lbs or 27 gallons) of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) from the property to a County or City Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHWF) (List Attached). It is site specific therefore it will have to be generated on each property we are assigned. Once applied for the results are instantaneous and can be printed. The permit must stay with the HH...W during the transport and delivery. The process is fairly easy;

• Go to DTSC Website and click on “Get Temporary Permit” on home page.
• Fill out brief information and submit.
• An email will be generated back to you with a web link.
• Go to web link and fill out required information and submit.

Once the temporary EPA-ID is applied for, an email will be automatically sent out containing the ID number. Once received, I believe this is where our vendors have, so far, hit a roadblock. In order to print out the permit, they will need to go to this website:

This link will bring up the “Reports” page on the California Hazardous Waste Tracking System.

They will then need to click the link at number 3:

They will need to enter the Temporary EPA-ID number which was generated to them for the property containing the hazmat and click “Find.” (They will need to allow Pop-up windows on this site)

This will bring up a new window containing all of the required information for the permit including the site information, company information, EPA Identifcation, etc. that they can then print out.

Hazardous Waste Transporter Registration:

This option again is only offered to those companies charged with cleaning foreclosed homes owned by a financial institution. It allows Contractors to haul HHW from the properties to the HHWF without the temporary permit and without limitations in weight. In other words, they could have one truck assigned to pick up all HHW and deliver at one time. This registration is free and can be applied for through the DTSC. Before application, they must obtain MCS-90 insurance through their insurance carrier. The coverage limitations are based on the vehicles they decide to haul the HHW.

• Less than 10,000lbs Gross Weight - $600,000
• 10,000lbs or over - $1,000,000

This insurance covers the cleanup involved should an accident occur.See More

Hazardous Waste Tracking System - Home Waste Tracking System - Home

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