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you guys are nuts to stick your necks out on this..........

In the big realm of things there is not that "much chinese drywall" in the nation but if you are in the South or Southeast I would not accept any testing of this unless you have the correct knowledge or inspection training and definately not for a trip charge

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I agree with Fremont. If you don't know what you're doing...don't accept the job. You run the risk of losing a LOT of money.

I got a call wanting to know if I could do I Chinese drywall inspection on a property, for a trip charge. All I was supposed to do was advise if all the Chinese drywall had been replaced in the dwelling. Sounds simple. Except, I don't know Chinese from Martian drywall by looking at it. So, I said, I know just enough to know I don't know enough to complete this inspection.
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