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You should offer a "NO CRYING" thread that allows members to rate a REO or PP company by name that is not difficult to deal with and pays in reasonable timeframes.
Rate them on a scale of A-F, but must give reason for rating with specific situations that occured deserving their score.
State if they pay 15-30-45 or more days from invoice and how(check, Direct Deposit etc.)
Not to be a complaint thread but have member post the REO or PP company name in the title, then in the message descibe their real work experience with that particular company and drop a grade on them. This will help us show one another (other members)who is better to work with for all members to see and share.
This would be of great benifit to members which is the purpose of a great site like this.
Just a suggestion but would have to have some rules so it doesnt turn into a thread for whiners but one for professionals.

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Go ahead and start posting.

Keep in mind that such types of threads are always objective.
Your feelings on how you were treated by company A may be much stronger than another contractors and the company would be given a worse rating because of it.

Also every one's experiences are different. Contractor A may never have any issues..... contractor B for what ever reason............. not so much.
A rating is going to be totally subjective to how the contractor looks at the company.

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Premier Landscape Group-Greed

Having a 20 dollars flat fee is way too low to expect a legitimate company to operate when you factor in the following:
Picture taking (street sign).
Picture taking (before pics at least 15-20).
Start cutting and wear out equipment.
Dont forget taking more pics during this experience for your during pics.
Trimming and blowing.
Just a few more pic.
Pack up all of debris and equipment
Make sure you guessed it...after pictures 15-20 minimum.
Then they want janitorial on the inside, not even going there.
After all of this then sit at computer uploading all of the 3 jobs you can do due to the distance between these locations in a day, really?

Too many disgruntled real estate agents and finance people are trying to be middlemen and women. Cleaning up the disgracful mess from their industrys past and still present practices.

Despite taxes, insurance, fuel, equipment wear and tear, and other operating expenses, God forbid you have to buy replacement batteries for a camera, that would surely put you out of business.

My point is how can anyone take this company or any other company that operates this way with these rates seriously.

If they even had a non admin clue as to how the entire business process works they will never make it in this industry for long.

Exploit a vunerable workforce and try to profit on the 10-20% rate of completion.

20 bucks is a GREEDY approach, and to top it off tell people we will give you volume that will make it better for you is just a lie. Just look at the federal guidelines for rates in this industry and all of you doubters will think other wise.

I work hard at doing the right things when it comes to business and do not try to take advantage of employees or subs, they are the company and its reputation because success is the result of them believing that.

Shame on Premier Landscape Group and there business philosophy, gives the industry a bad reputation and shows how greed is more common that just plain success.

Thyis wasnt a bitch fest, just a member sharing facts about what was proposed to me by them and after reviewing all their documents in my opinion you would be foolish to engague in business with them.

You would be better looking around for clients privately on your own than spending all of the picture taking and driving around for their greed.

Take the time to look at other companies that target your area and what their rates and practices are. One good reputable company is better than dealing with 5 bad ones..Good luck to all....Keep the faith!

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I give them a 3 out of 10

I will put some info about others on here soon but just had to post after seeing what they were offering me. Keep in mind there are a few Premier"s out there operating, this one says CA as a office base.

Glad to hear of anyone elses dealings with them. I spoke to a rep on the phone a few times. Couldn't hear everything they were saying due to being on thier I assume speaker phone. And as soon as I mentioned rates and trying to negotiate something, their default was volume.

So I asked how many specific homes do you have within 15 miles of my zip they couldnt tell me. So there goes their VOLUME answer. Needless to say they were promising the world but couldnt back it up.

Another thing is if you are calling to recruit people, have the professionalism to have clear communications. Nothing worse then talking to someone that could care less about establishing a business relationship and has all of the other peoples discussion in the background of my call. Probobly high fiving about another potential sucker signing up and earning their commisions.

Promises that were against the information in their packet. Don't trust them at all. They probobly use that information to cut your claims when it comes time for invoices. Shame...Thats all I have on them.
3 out of ten is all they get...and a thumbs down as well.

PM me if you want more examples of how this SO CALLED company operates.
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