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Cost Estimating Software / Data Entry software ?

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Hi there. New to contractortalk but have been in this racket for a while. 10 years to be exact. Not as tenured as some of the locals on this site, but then again I do this as fill in work as my main business is swimming pool construction and renovation.

My question is pretty basic. What is a good program for data entry that includes cost estimator software? Also, What is a good program for cost estimating software that is easy to use and how long will it take to enter the data for a simple bid.

I have a company which appears to be a regional based company and they want me to use such software and I fear it will be cutting my bids down rather than paying me what the HUD guidelines are. :censored:
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I have a question. I was a professional commercial construction estimator for about 10 years. I have estimated literally thousands of jobs and I never ever, not one time, found an estimating software that was even remotely close to accurate about pricing for jobs, especially for what the software thinks materials cost and what they actually cost.

All of the ones I ever looked at were a sure fire one way ticket to bankruptcy.

Do these estimating programs allow you to input your actual costs for materials and labor? If not how can they possibly be accurate?

How can they know what I am paying for a gallon of paint or a SF of drywall in Central Florida this week and what the exact same item costs in San Diego, California?

How about different labor rates? There is Davis Bacon requirements that can vary from one project to another, union and non-union scales and other factors.
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