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I know I was backing out the of industry a while ago. Actually I am only doing work for 2 companies now.
But I have had a couple of companies call me about working. Well I decided to do something different. Since they all want to know who we work with or our experience. I came up with my own for them.
I made up a form that I send out to them (basically a reference and credit check with at least 3 references that they need to supply).
1 company asked why I needed references and my answer was simple, since we are actually extending credit to you for the work we are doing we have a right to know if you are a good risk, just like any business extending credit does.
Plain and simple, from now on the way this business is going if a company can't supply references of their own then we will pass.
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I have been sending in pricing for typical services, that saves alot of time too.
if you cant profit on a job then you cant do it,but nationals only see the money in their pocket,all the vendors have to start staying together and say no when its not profitable.
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