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Cyprexx, Spectrum and Preservation Cure

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I am new to the field asset services, been doing it for about 6 months, we signed up with 3 companies so far to receive work orders from. Mainly for Property Preservation and lock changes and trash outs etc.

first we signed up with Cyprexx, then Spectrum and then Preservation Cure.

of the 3 so far only Preservation Cure has been giving us steady work, I have not heard from Cyprexx or Spectrum.

Just wondering if anyone here knows any other national companies we can sign up with to receive more work orders and make more money.
I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.
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Suprising that Spectrum was still in business. They were VEry difficult to get back into their graces when they had an inneroffice moving of people. I Would turn in my work on time along with my paperwork and the property managers loved it. Then my work load would plumett. I would wait a few weeks and call in and low and behold a new property manager would have been assigned to my area. The system they used was an alphabetical list and the first person would get all the work no matter how bad they were . The guy on the top was terrible about getting paperwork in on time plus he was traveling 200 miles to do my territory !! Needless to say once they lost the GMAC contract and the REO work Stopped I was gone.

Best of Luck and I hope this helps
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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