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Does anyone else have the insurance problems I have

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I have insurance through Am trust. They cover property preservation work which is fine. However occasionally on big jobs, I need to rent dirt moving equipment. Ie skid steer, excavators. If you have ever rent equipment you know rental companies also require a certificate of insurance. Well Amtrust says they do not cover rental equipment and will not issue a COI. This makes absolutely no since they want to be P& P business but will not cover what you need to do property preservation work.

My local farm bureau would give me business insurance for all the things I need but most nationals will not accept Farm Bureau.

I also started doing commercial work for Dollar General ie grass cuts and snow removals. Most of the insurance the nationals require you to do business with does not cover working at Dollar General stores. I have never seen such a mess with something as simple as business insurance. Makes me want to scream.
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I totally agree that it's definitely important to have the right insurance coverage for your business needs. Have you considered looking into local insurance providers or smaller insurance companies that may offer more tailored coverage options? You could also try reaching out to industry associations or networking groups for recommendations. Additionally, you might want to check out They specialize in commercial insurance and could potentially offer solutions for your specific needs. They have some good offers for businesses and might be able to help anyone in need of an insurance.
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