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Due dates

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So Reo Allegiance calls me after 5:30 monday and asks if I can do an initial services REO.

I said I could but not until wed. The gal said no problem, we'll send you the w/o.

That did not show up until 9:44 am yesterday and this morning they are pitching a fit that the w/o is late and in extreme danger of re-assignment.


Do they not realize that small businesses already have their days planned in advance? Some times a week in advance????

And that by nearly 10 am in the morning the crews have all been dispatched for the day???????????????????
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We are having this same issue with a new client on 75 orders in 3 states.

It's stressful. I have told them to feel free to reassign. We simply need more people.
We have all work scheduled for the day by 7 a.m. After that we can fit a few here and there if the guys are in the area. Otherwise it is a "You" problem.
Hahahahahahaha There has always been an urgency with Reo allegience, and there always will. But... they do pay decent.
I'm seeing alot of 48/hr TAT... and these are for property's w/out code issues as well as they've been in the same shpae for months if not years... The old adage... your mismanagement does not make an emergency for me... still holds true.
For sure JF.
I love the ones where they call and get pissy because you sometimes can't get a work order done in 24 hours.
Oh I am sorry I didn't know I had to hold off on other jobs just in case you feel like calling me.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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