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Fas and new pricing structure

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Just recently told vendors will be getting new pricing in next 2 months,sounds good but wait,some of your prices will be dropping,while others will go up....anyone else heard about this yet
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Not specifically, but there has been no price increase from any of the Nationals that I'm aware of for items such as debris, wints, sales cleans, mowing, etc for 4-5 years. Rather, there have been price cuts. The only times we have seen even modest increases in rates, it was accompanied by more photo requirements or additional services added to the job discription.

gtx never know if your being told truth or not down there,but was told this through email from vendor management.
We have gotten better rates on specific orders or an address but it isn't common. With all of the fly by nights signing on for bargain prices I would find it hard to believe you'll see anything but more of the same when you do get the list.

they know cheaper they can get you to work,more they pad their pockets,like they dont make enough already
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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