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Been doing that for FHA for over 5 years. Those that have not been doing that have been risking the nasty "who stole my personals" from the prior homeowner and prior homeowners Lawyers.

Problem is: Everything is personal item unless garbage and food items. Remember the motto "one persons junk is another persons treasure" ??? I REALLY applies to homeowners who has their personals removed by the P&P Contractor.

HERE the lawyers are ADVERTISING on radio/TV to "Call if you have a house that went through foreclosure and items have been removed from the home"....

They aren't spending the big bucks advertising if they aren't getting $$$ in return.

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my motto has always been, if it was ever's a personal. Period. Fortunately, most banks set a dollar value where they set a cut off for considering materials either debris or personals. example - if personals are prsent with a value of $1000 or more, then remove nothing. Of course, then it's up to you to put a value on things.
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