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Lately I have been doing a bit more preservation type work, working for another company under Corelogic & LPS. Obviously I'm not making much:rolleyes: They do pay, I do good work for them and take good pictures. I try to do everything by the book and try my hardest not to be one of the new hacks in this business. Obviously there is still A TON I don't know.

I'm not here to make millions, I mean we're all in it for the money but I really like the steady work on top of my remodeling. Right now I'm getting work orders that are "maybe a lock" "cut the grass if.." I can never look at a work order and put a dollar amount on it before I get to the property. The "prepare to convey" orders are the worst. Are all the companies like this?

I would like to get into a more local REO scene, my question is how do I find these companies? Do i contact Real Estate brokers and firms? Mortgage companies? Are they actually just REO type companies? Trying to get as direct and as local as possible, just need a starting point. Please forgive my rookie-ness:sad:

Thanks for the help!

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LOTS of face time with the realtors.

And LOTS of luck.

I've passed out hundreds of cards to nearly orgasmic realtors when they saw the list of services offered on my card in my area.
Guess how much work thats netted me.......... you guessed it $0.00.

On the other hand I have a friend thats managed to corner nearly the entire realtor market in his area.

I'm so busy with private party lawn work etc that I've dropped nearly all of my poor paying bank work.
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