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Original bid request says:
"Please provide bid to patch/repair roof leak (around chimney), bid for mold/mildew"

My approved bid for roof says:
"Approximate size: 2'x2' Small leak around chimney in small room on second floor. Has caused minor mold and water damage on paneling/plaster"

After job is completed with appropriate photos and invoice submitted, their response:
"Hi We need photos of all roof repairs. Currently only reflect damage
around a pipe on the roof, but per photos there was additional damage
to shingles in a corner of the roof. Please supply photos of those
shingles being repaired as well. Please supply within 48 hours, thanks"

And they will not approve minor chimney repair WO until the entire valley is repaired(not causing any roof leak).

I'd do all the roof repairs and be happy :) Should have bid it all the first time with all the ceiling damage removed (most plaster lathe jobs are Lead RRP Required) and then they will ask for the lead test results and the clearance testing for the mold results....

Ahhhh Due Diligence OR they are a stupid company and nobody will say anything till it hits the review dept for chargebacks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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