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The problem I have been seeing and have been effected by is that Requirements and Expectations have changed over the last 1 + years, but these new ways are being applied (retroactive)to the properties that have been around and Pre Sale for 3-4 years. it used to be HUD did not repair or even want bids on anything unless it was an emergency situation. Now we are getting hammered on items 3-4 years latter that we never bid back then. Roofs have been a big problem as of late. 3-4 years ago HUD didn't care how bad it was as long as it didn't have an active leak, if it did cheap patch is all they wanted. Now they want to back charge us for roofs that we stated were bad 3 years ago, but have now started to leak just because we never gave them a bid for replacement during the initial secure. Im not sure there is anyway to 100% protect yourself no matter how good you are at the reporting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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