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thats impressive! Give me a call sometime I have a story to tell you.
Sure will do.^

This was a WF job, when ever we do WF we go the extra mile.

My competitors went to the same job and bid too,but the never actually tried to rip apiece off of the vines to see how hard it was to remove ,which i did...thus my bid was lower.

6 guys,3 chainsaw, and 2 push mowers... we mulched it up with the chainsaws so we could get push mowers on it and grind it up even further. Thru it on a 16x6 trailer with 4 ft high sides and dragged it home 90 miles with no tarp and leaves flying out all the way:icon_rolleyes: half of the ivy was gone by the time we made it to the office.

"Glorious day" i must say,:thumbup: yep you gotta love living in the south.

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