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Im Alan Jaffa....who gets the broom..

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Ok , so I'm not Alan but if I was this would be my list to go to the chopping block. It would be interesting to see what everyone's list looks like. So please chime in!

1. FAS. The way they degrade SG and how they handled the FNMA transition are just plain unprofessional. They deserve everything they have coming.

2. AMS. Need I say more? This as actually a tough call to make second as I'm sure they could be first by many peoples account. Someone I know was at the "industry day" in Detroit and I guess AMS was bashing SG bad. Saying they were way bigger of a company had more contracts, etc. More unprofessional practice.

3. Miken. Time these guys suffered like we do.

4. CVMS. Not even sure if they are still in business but one of our worst business relationships ever.

5. Berghorst. Once again, need I say more? Time to get a real job Heather!

6. US Best. Same story. Please do our work for free and we will fight to pay you.

7. Sentinel. I don't care what "ninjas" or whatever they were calling their recruiters your prices suck.

8. Superior. Please go give us blanket bids for total repair on houses in the middle of Detroit and Flint. Ya because those area get rehabbed. Even hazard claims arnt stupid.

OK that's our list here in MI. Its sad when we have worked for all these deadbeat companies. I would hate to add up all the revenue lost and years off my life from the stress these guys cause. What does the group think?? Did I miss some? I know there close to 20 "regionals" that call and email us weekly that I am sure could be on this list bit don't deserve the keystrokes.
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Only work we have done for berghorst is a $175 bid on an acreage. Paid in a couple weeks. They don't have much in Iowa I don't believe.
Yeah my two authorizations today took 27 and 22 minutes. They answered immediately in both cases, just took that long to go over checklists, be put on hold, etc etc. Both approved.
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