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I'm Getting Out.....INVENTORY FOR SALE!

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Well, everything has a season and it was great while it lasted. We got out of preservation about a month ago and it was the right move for us. I love doing work, getting paid before I leave without a single photo! Anyway, I wish everyone the best! My inventory is for sale...I have discounted prices so take a look and let me know if your interested.

Blue Tarps
(3) 30x50
(3) 10x16
(44) Flexible Hasps
(15) Block off Plates
(30) Slider Locks
(16) Deadbolts #677##
(13) Knob Lock #677##
(27) Deadbolts #352##
(37) Knob Lock #352##
(2) Sump Pump 1/2hp
(15) Battery Operated Smoke Detector
(42) 12” Carriage Bolt w/ washer and nut
(31) Long Shackle A3## Padlock
(7) Short Shackle A3## Padlock
1 30 pint dehumidifier lightly used great condition $75

Asking $1075 for all. Im in West Michigan. PM me if your interested :)
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That's a great deal, AR. I hope you find a buyer and I wish you the absolute best in whichever direction you go. :)

Wish you the best! We're right behind you!

the companys have gotten so low with pay,you cant think of making money,ive already quit 1 and i think others are close.hope all the best looking for other work.
Thank u for all of the well wishes! I think we have a much better fot for us in our new endevor. We have always done top notch work in what ever we do. In preservation u can take a house that looks like an arm pit and make it look 1000x better. But only u get to appreciate your work. We now are in the public sector which i had my concerns working in. Actually its quite the opposite. People rave about our work! The love our communication, quality, service, andcall us back for multiple jobs. All while not taking 1 photo, not spending hrs in prep and even more updating work orders.
Dont get me wrong we loved preservation and it helpes ua acheive many of our goals. But the industry changed. I got sick of working for banks doing top notch work and aome extras all while they looked for any angle to cut invoices or charge back. I never had a single one in 7 yrs until this year and that kinda did it for me.

So for all of u considering a change. There is alot of work out here. People will pay for quality....i refuse to play im the cheapest game. Im not and never will be, but i will strive to be the best!
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Still for sale my original buyer fell through. Let me know if your interested
Yes still available :)
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