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Any info on REO Property advisors?

They seem to be a New England company.They want to start me off with 120 cubic yard trash out,feed back would be great.

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I worked for them for about a year and then quit about a year ago. Prices are on the low side but that's because they are a Regional taking a cut of the pie. They were honest and other than the last $500.00 being hard to get, pay was always in the mail 45-60 days out. Scott the owner seems fair and honest and after a few calls and emails he finally did pay me what I was owed. I just had to stop with them due to the pricing was too low and I was too busy at that time to handle the work that they had in my area. They also were not the preferred vendor in my area so I had a lot of 2nd bids to give on properties already hacked up by the Preferred vendor. If you can complete the work with their pricing, or need the work then I would say go for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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