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I have a contractor that I know who has informed me of an outfit called:
RFS or RRS or FFS (really bad phone connection) owned and operated by a guy named Sean or Shawn that is registered out of Las Vegas but has address in Minnesota.

Has anyone heard of this guy? I have found a Regal Field Service out of Ohio but I don't think that is it.


4525 S Dean Martin, 907
Las Vegas, NV 89103

I found this. Maybe Linda has heard of them?

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Not sure who the company is in Vegas. I searched the address and found a neighbor at #1103. The address is a condo so, whoever it is, uses his/her home for the office address.

I checked all my contacts in Nevada and Minnesota and came up with nothing. The only vendor I have with the initials RFS is in Michigan but his name isn't Sean, Shawn, John, or anything similar.

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