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Looks like some of the nationals who complete New American Funding orders are now requesting a new type of work order. The field inspector is now asked to print off approximately 20 pages of documents and set up an appointment with the homeowner to deliver said documents in a sealed envelope. What are the documents? They’re informational packets and questionnaires to help homeowners understand the legal process of foreclosure and questions asking the homeowner all the necessary information to help “stop” foreclosure or to help maintain a working communicative relationship to the lender. The inspector must attempt the homeowner three times to acquire an appointment to deliver. After that either the appointment is set or the inspector delivers the package at their own time and documents the exterior of the home, the package, and it’s placement. The pay? It’s the same as loss drafts.

Why do I feel like there’s some sort of violation here regarding debt and collections? 🧐 Or am I overthinking it. Let’s talk about it! Black Font Screenshot Terrestrial plant Darkness

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I just got this in an email this morning...
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That said srill think you're an independant contractor?????
That makes you an employee and if you guys continue to participate in this industry's pathetic horseshit then you deserve to go broke....
This is how I got FAS and AMS....
I took their contract...I took out the out the ordermills name and replaced it with Aladay LLC...then I took the contract to my local unemployment office (had tomake an appointment) to a representative for review.
Both contracts came bck with 14-15 different issues that violate the spirit of the Independant Contractor contract.
Time frames
what materials you MUST use
what tools you MUST have
What receipts you MUST produce
MOST IMPORTANT....what you get paid. Guys and Gals...
That is the MOST criticle issue. IC versus Employees...IC set their own pricing based on COST OF DOING BUSINESS.
those are off the top I would have to get the legal doc's out for more info.
When I got the Unemployment statements and documents took them to our attorney and we went to court...
FAS imediately terminated the contract told us we would have to wait 90 days for final audit...
They owed us for work on 43 properties. close to 22k...when the judge was done all 43 properties were leaned and FAS was fined $43,000.00 and we had a $22,243.00 check hand delivered to our office the following morning....
Have a good week folks.....
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