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Well Yeah we still mess around with the internet fraud thingy...
So I get this account that claims to be Keanu Reeves....
Thought some levity might make the week....Today "Keanu"...proposed to me!!!!!

why would you think I have 3k to send someone??? and someone of your stature need someone to send a measely 3k to someone???

I don't get it...

Keanu reeves

I want you to donate 3k to my orphanage foundation

Keanu • Tue, 5:21 PM

Keanu reeves


How are you doing today

Keanu • 2:04 PM

I just got a notification they are attempting to "LAB' grown rebosiating...

54 mins

Keanu reeves

Ok that is good news

How is your day going on

I have few things to discuss with you


Keanu reeves

Yes can we go into a serious relationship that will lead to marriage


Keanu reeves


I'm not a ****

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Keanu reeves

I mean just friends

Keanu • Now

Not sure how to format this to shrink it laughing to hard!!!!!
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