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Is Home Depot taking your business?

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Anyone else in CA, or any of the other states that have been using a trial program with WF, and BAC? I have noticed that our business has dropped dramatically due to Home Depot getting the contracts. Sounds like they are the "new national". Around here they are doing the rehabs, trashouts, etc.... The bids that I have seen come accross have been several thousand higher than mine, and they still win. Then the RE agents are complaining about the "shoddy" work that HD is doing, on top of being over charged. They also talk about how much of a PITA it is to deal with people in GA in order to get the contractors back out to the property to get things fixed. Makes no sense to me...
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definetly something going on,just cant put my finger on it, work has been dead so long,gonna have to read manual when i do get a job so i can do it,lol
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